Our Administrative Offices:
Our Administrative Offices are based in Wadeville on the same site as our Manufacturing facilities, enabling the seamless interaction between all departments and management levels. This has fostered a very “hands on” culture within the organization focused on the manufacture of quality industry relevant products for the underground support industry.
RocLoc Resin Capsule Manufacturing Facility:

Our modern RocLoc Resin Capsule manufacturing facility was built and commissioned in early 2014.  It houses the production lines, both raw material and finished goods stores as well as a fully independent laboratory and inhouse Research and Development Department.

Our finished goods warehouse is also climate controlled to ensure storage of the product at ambient temperature. 

Steel Manufacturing Facility:
In our Steel facility we are constantly updating the production lines to optimize productivity with the manufacturing of all the different roof support products.  We strive to always have 2 weeks stock on-hand for our important customers.