The process of thermal diffusion zinc coating DiSTeK™ is a new environmentally friendly process. The process is designed for coating of small to medium-sized items (including threaded) made of steel and cast iron requiring the coating thickness above 20 micron, and operating in the open air.

The DiSTeK™ technology is based on the method of chemical thermal zinc saturation of surface of steel products in powder environment.

The thermal diffusion zinc coating has the following advantages:

High corrosion resistance High corrosion resistance
Environmental friendly Dry process, chromate free, does not contain toxic elements, ecological clean
Minimal pre-treatment required  Oily, greasy and 40% rusty surfaces can be coated with no pre-treatment
Low diffusion temperature 360°C  - 470°C
Passivation Provides excellent free-air conservation, with non-toxic materials
Thickness of coating 15-120µ
Strong adhesive coating No peeling or cracking
High abrasive resistance Micro-hardness up to 1636 HV, prevents nut seizure in stainless steel bolts
Uniform coating Even on tubes and internal surfaces
No Zinc build up No grinding of excess zinc

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