About Us


Company Profile

RSC Ekusasa Mining is a long standing designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of roof support products and systems to the South African and African mining industries RSC Ekusasa Mining is part of the Barnes Group of Companies. The Barnes Group purchased RSC Ekusasa Mining from Murray & Roberts in 2011.



RSC Ekusasa Mining’s centralised manufacturing and administrative facilities provide for increased efficiencies, hands-on management, centralised logistics, improved maintenance control and uniform quality assurance.



RSC Ekusasa Mining is an accredited company in terms of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.


Global Infrastructure

RSC Ekusasa Mining is strongly expanding its global presence through direct sale to end-users, a well-established infrastructure of regional agents and by supporting local sub-manufacturing.


Research and Development

In-house laboratory and testing facilities have been established to develop products tailored to specific needs. Testing and data capturing facilities are available for precision evaluation of systems such as rock, resin and steel interactions.


RocLoc® Resin Capsules

The company has recently completed the build and commissioning of its own state of the art Resin Capsule Factory. This enables RSC Ekusasa to provide the mining industry with both steel and resin products.